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"I do some of my assignments as a website with @codetriber. I just can’t stop changing fonts and colors."

Ashley B. (15)
Virginia, USA

"I love sharing my projects with my teacher and friends."

Iraan M. (13)
South Africa

"I think I love web development."

Shelly J. (17)
California, USA

"I make videos of my website designs on TikTok ."

Denise C. (14)
New York, USA

"I used what I learned in Project 3 to make a website for my friend's Dad - I didn't get paid yet, but it's a start."

Joao D. (15)

"This is my new fav subject – I love how we can share and re-mix and help eachother."

Gavin B. (14)
Virginia, USA
Social Coding for Teens in Indonesia - CodeTribe

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Real-world web dev from the first second.


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Code, it seems, is the lingua franca of the modern economy.
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