How focusing on where had in-house excellence and partnering for the platform development, the organization was able to keep expanding and simultaneously build an impressive and versatile on-brand learning platform.

How we got here

CodeJIKA’s mission is to empower teens in Africa with digital entrepreneurship and coding skills. After building a club model and designing an offline web-development curriculum that can be used anywhere, completely for free, the  organization turned to the next big challeng – Finding a way to teach the millions of learners who would have access to mobile phones but no other devices.
Building in-house

After creating and running successful prototypes that attracted users and confirmed the need for the model, the team set about to build a sustainable platform. After a number of challenges and set backs it became apparent that:

A. Building software was not an expertise that the organization had in-house.

B. Was seriously distracting from the many other very impactful activities the team was good at, such as, awareness, policy, events, teacher training and community-building.

Partnership & progress

To solve this problem a partnership was established with CodeTribe to help customize and build the platform for the needs of African youth. As a founding partner, the entire platform was built around this mandate.

In 2022, this enabled the CodeJIKA team to re-double their efforts on core program expansion and built new teams, impact and communities in 8 countries throughout Africa. Impacting hundreds of schools and training tens of thousands of learners both on- and offline.

Next steps

The next technical goal in the partnership is to add multi-lingual capabilities to both the GUI (interface) and the lesson content. This will able expanded access to both Arabic and French speaking countries on the continent.

Off-platform, the organization is pushing to build a new form of CS Teacher eco-system to accelerate the nascent skills in teachers and to support this with fun and localized teacher training programs. 


Interested in learning more, visit or discover more with the CodeTribe team at: 

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