Here’s the link to the diagram, but in Miro, where you can edit in with Drag and Drop – How awesome is that?

Working in education and curriculum creation, we regularly check in with ChatGPT and variants to see how to improve our process.

This is a very attractive and great starting point – Which can also be edited by clicking a single link that opens it in mermaid.js .
Easily edit AI Generated Educational Diagrams

This was made using the very popular “Show Me” GPT Plugin:

Here’s a link to one of my charts. You can edit it with code freely without logging in:

It’s opensource and you can even add this capability to your app easily:


Here are some excellent prompts to use with the Show Me Diagrams ChatGPT plugin:

  1. “Show me how a car engine works.”
  2. “Draw me a mind map for beer brewing.”
  3. “Explain the process of photosynthesis using a diagram.”
  4. “Show me a diagram of the human digestive system.”
  5. “Describe the process of making a car.”
  6. “Show me how a computer works.”
  7. “Draw a diagram of the water cycle.”
  8. “Explain the process of cellular respiration with a diagram.”
  9. “Show me a diagram of the solar system.”
  10. “Describe the process of making chocolate.”
  11. “Show me how a refrigerator works.”
  12. “Draw a diagram of the human circulatory system.”
  13. “Explain the process of DNA replication with a diagram.”
  14. “Show me a diagram of a plant cell.”
  15. “Describe the process of making pizza.”
  16. “Show me how a microwave oven works.”
  17. “Draw a diagram of the human respiratory system.”
  18. “Explain the process of protein synthesis with a diagram.”
  19. “Show me a diagram of the Earth’s layers.”
  20. “Describe the process of making bread.”
  21. “Show me how a washing machine works.
  22. “Draw a diagram of the human nervous system.”
  23. “Explain the process of mitosis with a diagram.”
  24. “Show me a diagram of an animal cell.”
  25. “Describe the process of making wine.”
  26. “Show me how a television works.”
  27. “Draw a diagram of the human skeletal system.”
  28. “Explain the process of meiosis with a diagram.”
  29. “Show me a diagram of the periodic table.”
  30. “Describe the process of making cheese.”

List taken from:

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