Stop Teaching Code.

Solicit Predictions Instead. I’m serious — stop it with the gatekeeper introductions to content. In theory, it makes sense to start with the core building blocks and work your way up. That’s why so many CS lessons on functions start with “Today we’ll be learning about functions. Functions are a repeatable, customizable blocks of code […]

Students Don’t Need Simple Examples

Teach pre teens syntax coding clearly

They need clear ones In my post about coding for predictions, I wrote a sentence that was edited out of the final draft, but that’s played on repeat in my head ever since. Students don’t need simple examples. They need clear ones. I’m realizing that this catchy little antithesis is essentially my whole teaching philosophy rolled […]

Get Excited about Explaining Outcomes, not Syntax Guessing

Students learning code together

How to increase thinking in the computer science classroom I’ve always believed that students should be made to figure things out for themselves. Knowledge is deeper and longer-lasting when it is created rather than received. This, by the way, is classic constructivist pedagogy. But there are actually some types of knowledge that our students can’t — and […]