CodeTribe Avatar 1 girl bob
"I now do some of my school assignments as a website with @triber . I just can’t stop changing fonts and colors."
Ashley B. (15)
Virginia, USA
CodeTribe Avatar 3 boy streaks
"I love sharing my projects with my teacher and friends."
Iraan M. (13)
South Africa
CodeTribe Avatar 2 girl bun
"I love web development and I think I’ll use it with the work I’m already doing."
Shelly J. (17)
California, USA
CodeTribe Avatar 3 girl pony
"I make videos of my website designs on TikTok . Everyone think’s im genius."
Denise C. (14)
New York, USA
CodeTribe Avatar 2 boy Longhair
"I used what I learned in Project 3 to make a website for my friend's Dad - And even got paid."
Joao D. (15)
CodeTribe Avatar 1 boy
"This is my new fav subject – I love how we can share and re-mix other @triber code. "
Gavin B. (14)
Virginia, USA