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Web Dev Web Development: Building functional & (hopefully) beautiful websites & apps with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
Training for Teens.

Fun ways to start

Waiting for the bus? Code your first website in HTML.
5 Minutes
Super fun
Intro Hack
Your A.I. engine (JavaScript function 😉) says who is invited.
10 Minutes
Very Surprising
Intro Hack
Your own Super-Mario-Style game starting with only 20 lines of code. 🤯
20 Minutes
Too awesome
Course Module
Curriculum Coding for Teens Indonesia - CodeTribe
This is how we teach. Love it? 😮

Say “Yes” to silly.

Learn smarter & faster because it’s simpler.

Sequential, micro-coding-challenges simplify mastering "Frontend Web Development" projects.

Pick your course & start learning

Present your skills in a slick website built with HTML, CSS & emojies.
2 Hours
6 Trainings
Build your first website for a business or your side hustle.
3 Hours
6 Trainings
Creating functions is magic – You’ll love it & it’s easier than you think.
3 Hours
"I do some of my assignments as a website with @codetriber. I just can’t stop changing fonts and colors."
Ashley B. (15)
Virginia, USA
"I love sharing my projects with my teacher and friends."
Iraan M. (13)
South Africa
"I think I love web development."
Shelly J. (17)
California, USA
"I make videos of my website designs on TikTok ."
Denise C. (14)
New York, USA
"I used what I learned in Project 3 to make a website for my friend's Dad - I didn't get paid yet, but it's a start."
Joao D. (15)
"This is my new fav subject – I love how we can share and re-mix and help eachother."
Gavin B. (14)
Virginia, USA
Social Coding for Teens in Indonesia - CodeTribe

Share Coding Projects with Friends.

Share to the community or invite real-time edits from friends.

Real-world web dev from the first second.


Most frequent questions and answers

Even better. You get to invite any friend of your choice with the same license, for free. 😀

You can even invite one of your parents to join you on the course. 😮

There’s an awesome “Progress Page” that you can login to and view not only certificates, but also the details of each training completed.


You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time, immediately and without any questions asked – Even before it starts.




Competitions are comin' soon.

Signup for earth-shakingly fun collaboration features. 😉

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