Philosophy & Platform

" Youth are the greatest engine of innovation. "
Jonathan Novotny
Chief Dreamer



We respect learner’s time and maximize the number of sessions to accelerate subject expertise.

Imagine if almost every single character typed from session 1 till 25 contributes toward a singular, impressive project.


Reducing barriers and bottle-necks includes building the system for the learner as well as the teacher. We expect self- & peer-learning & created a conservative learning curve so that no one gets left behind. <3

Codetribe Coding Platform
A cutting-edge, fun, interactive code editor & learning platform.


Everyone wants to feel in control – Drag and Drop is great for conceptual understanding, but it creates a dependency on the specific platform on which it was created.

At CodeTribe, teens actually feel like developers; Debugging & managing files.


Projects created can be upgraded, improved, pushed to live sites and actually serve a purpose in society or the economy.

Why not let school projects become “Real” projects? ;)


Youth Are Our Future


We believe youth are the greatest engine of innovation.

CodeTribe supports student-driven innovation in high schools.
Youth Are Our Future
Be a Catalyst


Teens understanding web development and leveraging it to implement digitally accelerated projects and dreams.

Be the launchpad through which “@Triber” creators imagine, dream and build beautiful products, tools and futures for themselves and their communities.
Be a Catalyst
Web Development Skills


Imagine going into job and being told a little bit of everything, but nothing concrete about anything.

Sounds frustrating and boring, right? That's why we focus on one skill-set: Web development.
Web Development Skills
Feel Amazing


Chests bursting with pride as a result of the co-creation & intrinsic understanding of how to build real-world webpages with JS automation tools that can be hosted anywhere.

Feel Amazing
My Ideas, My Message.


Acquire industry-related skills in collaborative, fun project-based learning, while using their extreme creativity and content to personalize their brand, their message.

My Ideas, My Message.
Not Only College Matters


Vocational rather than conceptual - This allows learners who complete the program to add value and move forward professionally even if they don’t proceed to tertiary or even finish high school.

Not Only College Matters

About Us FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Organizing hands-on coding training teams in public high schools in South Africa with the goal of allowing youth to be the engine driving digital transformation of the economy was how CodeTribe Founder got a love for teaching teens to code.

Three ideas are the building blocks behind CodeTribe. These are:

1. Make people happy.

2. Add value.

3. Create social impact through profitability.

The idea of commercial brand that would serve teens and teachers in private schools formed in 2018.

In December 2019 Jonathan secured the domain and launched a competition for the branding. Then in March 2020, he moved to New York with the vision of building the brand and internationalizing the impact and increasing the efficiency of the Code for Change ( ) non-profit programs.

Check out the “Cool Peeps” page to see how the team grows with co-Founders and amazing team contributors and members.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn:

Or Twitter:

If at some point we have an amazing product and have helped you in some way then we are grateful to you for believing in us and supporting our vision, as we strive to support yours.

We love you.

Thank you.