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Web-Dev for Teens // Syllabus Outline


Project 1-3 // 16 Hours


Intermediate HTML & CSS with a touch of JavaScript.

Minimal or no experience required.
Project 1-3 // 16 Hours
Project 4-6 // 16 Hours


Expanding CSS, dynamic web and JS basics into a single project.

Peer- or remote team-checking recommended (Use our slack channel.) For those times when you're stuck.
Project 4-6 // 16 Hours
Project 7-9 // 16 Hours


Building 3 programs into a website: Image gallery, Ordering/Invoice for small business & modern interactive design.

Check the easy-to-use, “Lesson roadblock” lists and automated Molly TM code-checkers.
Project 7-9 // 16 Hours
Add-ons 1-4 // 2 Hours Each


Learn Github, hosting, domains, email management & more. Services that people need in their businesses on a day-to-day basis.

Hands-on, self- & peer-learning.

Note: These can be done at any time, based on the @Triber's interest or need.
Add-ons 1-4 // 2 Hours Each
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There's never been a better time to be an awesome teenager and to start coding than right NOW!

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@Tribers Projects FAQ

Freakin' Awesome Questions


You can skip straight to advanced lessons, but it’s probably best if you do one after another.

It will be difficult to understand and implement code if you have skipped earlier “Trainings” and “Projects.”

Note: The exception to this is “I’m Bored” Projects and “REAL_WRLD” projects, which can be done and implemented at any time.

Have fun – That’s the most important part. 😉

First: Ask a friend.
Coding (and any other type of learning and doing) is so much more fun with friends to talk with about it.

Second: Ask anyone around you or close to you at school.

Third: Ask on the forum.

Four: Make sure you don’t skip earlier parts, because most things are explained in an fun and simple way.

Five: Re-read the question.

Six: Ask your teacher or trainer at the next session (if you have one.)

Seven: Google it.

Eight: Realize de-bugging (fixing your code) is a big part of learning to code. Settle in and check each line again.

Nine: Send a text or whatsapp with a screenshot or copy of your code and ask for help.

Ten: Pray and take a break, then come back and knock it out of the park. 😉

So exciting!!! 😀

After each section, or equivalent of 16 hours, you will receive a certificate with detailed description of your acquired skills.

Yabadabadoo, let’s go!

First of all: Be nice.

Find someone who needs you. Don’t only try to be friends with popular people.

Remember, when you help pull someone up who is going through a rough time and has nothing to offer you, they will often be grateful and remember you forever.

In the meantime, start coding and teaching others what you know.

OK. Take a deep breath.

Put on your running shoes and go for a run, breathing deeply.

Come back and sit down and study something amazing, like coding. 😉

Note: Showers are optional.

Ok. I get that.

We’re all good at something though, remember that. You are amazing. Even if you can’t think of something right now that you’re amazing at, you are awesome and we love you.

Also, coding is something that you can play around with and do for fun, even if you never become a full-time professional, it will help you understand how the world of the internet works and allow you to use it as a tool in your life or work.

Farmers are happy.

Unless it’s been raining for weeks and it’s actually flooding – Then they’re sad or mad,… or looking for a boat or something.

Related fact: In Project 2 you build your own web-CV and it’s super cool and fun and stuff.

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