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Teens coding games together in school
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Game Dev

Girl excited about coding a platformer game - fantasy
Retro Games Galore 🕹️
From Super-Mario-Style to Space Flyers, you’ll build 3 gigantic games with all your own rules. 🤯
18 Lessons
Too awesome

Web Dev

My Wild Web 🎉
With colorful HTML & CSS build websites from scratch – With your theme, colors & purpose.
16 Lessons
Super fun

Automation & AI

Two girls in school working on AI and coding animation for a school project
A.I. yai yai! ✨
Using python & fun APIs you’ll automate all sorts of cool things – From texting robots to AI chatbots.
12 Lessons
Very Surprising

Word on the Street

2309 MJ teach_jennifer_med
It's a no-brainer - Except that I didn't plan to actually pay for it. But after 30 days we had built so much cool stuff we didn't want to stop.

I especially love the Platformer Game-Dev Module, the whole household is involved and now Dad want's his own subscription. LOL.
Ashley J.
Lynchburg | Virgina
2309 MJ teach_Steve_med
My 12 year-old twin daughters had done plenty of block-based coding, but I thought they were ready for something new. And were they. They couldn't stop the first night and I ended up having to unplug the router - Just to get them to go to sleep.
Phil S.
Naperville | Illinois
2309 MJ teach_Julie_med
My boys were looking for something different as we had some bad experiences with the tutor-based programs.

I enjoyed watching them while I was cooking and even though I couldn't help much, then launched their games and are now on the AI and Web-Dev courses.
Janet T.
Scottsdale | Arizona

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Ang Bastion
Ang Bastion@therealang
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"@codetriber By far the best and fastest way for teens to learn to code."
Joe Carpenter
Joe Carpenter@happygolucky2
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"There are many platforms & pricey tutors for kids, but none can compete with he expertise and speed with which @codetriber teaches."
Ryan Wysocki
Ryan Wysocki@whyarethesockie
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"Josie is building her own games - Yes! @codetriber is awesome."


Create beautiful coding projects in a snap.

With many new AI features in the pipeline. - This is only the beginning. Instead of being locked in 🔒 you can publish your projects to any other platform & share in our gallery in a snap. 🫰

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer direct support via email and also within the platform.
For the Silver version there is also a FAQ, documentation, a video learning course and a teacher’s forum for advice from the community.  

Premium and personalized support is available to all paid district or school plans.

Remote Cohort-based or once-off sessions are available over Zoom and are run either weekly or monthly for advanced learners who are ready to showcase or who want to ask questions.

Packages do NOT include one-on-one or group tutoring, but they do offer Tips, Solutions and will be rolling out Mumu AI Tutor which provides direct support on code discrepancies.

For those on advanced projects that build off of this expansive curriculum, there is a discord channel and internal tribes that can provide support.

The curriculum is targeted to 6-9 grade for fully self-guided learning, however many 5th and even 4th graders enjoy the pace as well.

The courses can also be used as introductory lessons for older grades.


There are two tracks ( Web-development and Game-development ) each with 3 levels; Foundation, Improver and Intermediate. 

In addition to this there is a shorter A.I Track which is used to complement existing courses.

CodeTribe courses build confidence in students and teachers who want to expand beyond block-based learning.

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