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Why Choose CodeTribe?

Code Annotation & Collaboration

Or want to leave a comment on a line of code? Super easy!

See who's active in real-time

See progress, check assignment code and who’s active in the editor at any time.


Roster integration

With a simple “Click & select class” you can import any roster from Google Classroom or ClassLink*


Create beautiful lessons in a snap.

Teachers also want to create and share - Now, instead of being locked in 🔒 you can publish to Marketplace & share interactive lessons in a snap. 🫰 Marketplace is launching soon.*

Why Choose CodeTribe?

Pop-up Code Sessions

Spin up a “Popup” session with a single-click. No logins, no registrations.  ✔ Anyone can join. ✔ The teacher can add instructions and “Starter code”. ✔ Everyone can chat.

Drag-n-drop lesson creation 😍

Build a mini-lesson or a full course with instructions, starter code, exercises and even add auto-grading (Regex tests that ChatGPT can write and you just paste in.)   All with the fun and simplified “Lesson Creation Tool”.

Assign Anything

Want to add a Youtube link to that lesson? Or need to link a 3rd-party resource to that module?

With our assignments “Quests”, you can do that with a couple clicks.


The Grid: See everyone
actively coding all at once...

and debug seamlessly with the "Full Editor"
Magically delightful somehow.

Why Choose CodeTribe?

Support the under-resourced

Our program links with CodeJIKA.org, a non-profit program in Africa that supports coding in under-resourced public schools on the continent.

Values based

We support the family as the core societal unit and believe children should be protected from cultural trends that don’t add value to their development. 

A “Faith-friendly” platform that supports a diverse base of schools and teachers in their mission of preparing the next generation of leaders.

Stuck? Text us (or call)

Why does calling “Support” feel like hell?

That’s why we have texting support. No waiting on the phone. Text us the problem and if we need more info we’ll call for the deets.

Of course, you can also email or use the in-platform support too. 😃

Word on the Street

2309 MJ teach_jennifer_med
Super intuitive to use and the support is awesome. Teachers looking to bring coding to their classroom should give it a try.

I especially love the Platformer Game-Dev Module, the whole school year just got more fun for all of us.
Jennifer Kellog
STEM Coordinator | Virgina
2309 MJ teach_Steve_med
The Web-Dev was perfect for the learners who had never coded before.

We finished most of the course before switching and ending the year with the Game-Development highlight.
Mark Phillips
Grade 7-8 Math | Illinois
2309 MJ teach_Julie_med
The class really enjoys working on the lesson projects and comparing how each one differs as they progress.

Having worked with many companies before, having the team, even though far away, really be so responsive and willing to take calls even after hours enabled me to setup all my lessons and projects within the first two days of the term.

Shelly Howe
Coding & Robotics | Arizona

Is Teaching More Fun with CodeTribe?

Code from scratch and customize fun, retro platformer games

Multi-lesson projects

This means learners start building impressive and fun projects from Day 1.

Leading to custom retro games, web dev projects or apps for everyone – Not just those that deep-dive in.

Seamlessly share student coding projects with the class or safely anywhere.

Seamless Sharing

Seamlessly share student coding projects with the class or safely anywhere.

Works on mobile or any device. Even if not registered on the platform.

Classroom coding support for teachers and students

Classroom Coding Support

For Teachers and students:

Just enable “Remote-learner-support” and students can get feedback on their bugs directly from Tech Support. 

You approvingly nod, viewing the convo in real-time, while sipping your chai latte.  💻💬🍵

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer direct support via email or within the platform.
For the Silver version there is also a FAQ, documentation, a video learning course and a teacher’s forum for advice from the community.  

Premium and personalized support is available to all paid district or school plans.

Remote Cohort-based or once-off PD sessions are available over Zoom and is run every 6-8 weeks.

In person Professional Development can be arranged on a district-level or with a minimum of 10 teachers present.

Packages do not include the cost for in-person PD, but it can easily be arranged at competitive rates by contacting: hello@codetribe.com


The curriculum is targeted to 6-9 grade, however many 5th graders enjoy the pace as well.

The courses can also be used as introductory lessons for older grades.


There are two tracks ( Web-development and Game-development ) each with 3 levels; Foundation, Improver and Intermediate. 

In addition to this there is a shorter A.I Track which is used to complement existing courses.

Lesson plans and sometimes slide decks are provided for the modules. This will help with organizing 


We’re specialized on your needs and are building for standards aligned “Text-based Coding” and Computer Science.

CodeTribe courses build confidence in students and teachers who want to expand beyond block-based learning.