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Text-based Coding Again

Game Game Development: Building mind-blowing platformer and interactive games with Kaboom.js (a version of JavaScript).
web-dev Web Development: Building functional & (hopefully) beautiful websites & apps with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
projects that make your heart skip a beat 🥰

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Fandangling over table's and chairs?

You threw your back out last time you checked on Zoe’s code, mainly because while squinting inches from the screen you lost balance and found your foot rolling on Jessica’s water bottle and that’s the last thing you remember.

The substitute teacher sucked. Now, 3 weeks later, you’re finally back and spy Zoe’s raised hand and impatient eyes causing flashbacks. 

Last time you debugged her code you had a Near-Death-Experience, “If only there was a better way” you mumble.

and DM without leaving the editor.

Now you can check code in real-time ...

and debug seamlessly with the "Focus Panel".

Now you can see everyone actively coding all at once...

Scientific break-through: "The Grid"

[Parody] Theoretic physicists look at this and shake their heads “They never thought it was possible” says Galileo Lockley (Alias), Head of Product, “But we did it – We managed to allow Teachers to view all their learner’s code at once”.

For a decade now the best we came up with is the POESSUYFT system which stands for Peek-Over-Each-Student’s-Screen-Until-You-Feel-Tired, says head of Edu-Ergonomics  at MIT’s User Research Center.

The unlikely breakthrough came through one of the janitors. When explained the conundrum, Jane Wysinski, pointed to her chocolate bar and asked “Why don’t you just show each learner’s code in a grid on the Teacher’s screen?” And the rest is history.


Debug or forward to "Super Tutors"

Jonny pings you on the real-time grid. He’s stuck with his exercise. You’ve looked at his code earlier and it seems right to you. What should you?

Well, instead of posting it on a distant forumwracking your brain or having sleepless nights about it, just click “Send to Mumu”. 

The students lesson progress & existing code get’s sent directly to our “Super Tutor”. She’ll respond and both you and Jonny will see it in the same thread, within the coding panel. Yaaay!

We’re super excited to see you succeed. – That’s why we decided to be available, even for student bugs, not just to support teacher questions.

For how to revive your laptop after it took an unexpected dunk in the bath while you were watching the latest episode of Bachlor/ette, we unfortunately won’t be able to help. (Try putting it in a bag of rice?) 

or forward the bug to support with a single click .

While debugging you can leave a comment ...

Explore Web-Dev Projects

Present your skills in a slick website built with HTML, CSS & emojies.
2 Hours
6 Trainings
Build your first website for a business or your side hustle.
3 Hours
6 Trainings
Creating functions is magic – You’ll love it & it’s easier than you think.
3 Hours
"I do some of my assignments as a website with @codetriber. I just can’t stop changing fonts and colors."
Ashley B. (15)
Virginia, USA
"I love sharing my projects with my teacher and friends."
Iraan M. (13)
South Africa
"I think I love web development."
Shelly J. (17)
California, USA
"I make videos of my website designs on TikTok ."
Denise C. (14)
New York, USA
"I used what I learned in Project 3 to make a website for my friend's Dad - I didn't get paid yet, but it's a start."
Joao D. (15)
"This is my new fav subject – I love how we can share and re-mix and help eachother."
Gavin B. (14)
Virginia, USA


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There’s an awesome “Progress Page” that you can login to and view not only certificates, but also the details of each training completed.


You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time, immediately and without any questions asked – Even before it starts.




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