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Social Coding for Teens in Indonesia - CodeTribe

Extensive feature set

From basic options including mobile-friendly to credentialing, to modular add-ons such as gallery and volunteering we've got you covered.

Real-world web dev from the first second.

"An unbelievable value prop for early stage STEM and edu companies."
Gerald Butler
I love how both teachers and admin can add content. If it needs to be included it's on the platform tomorrow.
Joseph Balagee
St. Catherines College
...we didn't use white label, but it was a great service to upsell to our existing client base.
Will Stanton
The investors wanted a subscription model, we didn't know it would be this easy to get started. :D
Annabell Chui
We offered CodeTribe access as a free service for the kids of all our premium clients - Premium subs jumped immediately.
Anita Dasantos
Educativo Inc


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Coding Training and coding tutoring businesses can leverage our Private-label Coding Solution to offer expanded, remote or interactive training opportunities to their existing or new clients.

Not at all. You can sign up as a school directly on and use either premium or standard features.

Even as an organization with many schools, classes or branches you can use the ordinary registration.

Whitelabel is for organizations which would like to show their brand as the primary entity.

Absolutely. Socially impactful nonprofits below an annual income threshold of $200K receive a full 50% discount on all packages and services.

Larger nonprofits and NGOs receive a 25%, provided they are creating impact ethically.


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Whether national-level partnership or a rollout for training centers or district, we'd be happy to help.

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